Jul 2, 2008

Rub-a-dub-dub, One Baby in a...

kithen sink!!!


Moncada Family said...

Tell your mom that I not only covet their backyard but now I covet the kitchen sink too!
My little nephew needs a tan!!! Tell him to take a bath outside!!! Or better yet come up here and hang out with his cous!

Robin said...

Those are some super cute pics, Kelly!

Ms. C said...

Enjoy these moments as the kitchen bath is a fleeting privledge. You may be able to get by with it until you are 3 but, as your Grandpa Mark will tell you, it is not cute when you are 15. You are welcome to ask him about it but it is one of those unhappy thanksgiving memories where no one would eat the turkey that was washed in the same water. We did not have a sink as cool as yours though.
Love you and see you in August!
Aunt Shan

kristi said...

How cute...Now go in mom and dad's downstairs bathroom and look at the picture of mom in the kitchen sink. It looks like the 2nd picture. Some day this picture will be an antique just like our dear ole' mom :)

Magen Quiroz said...

kelly... holy cow- i love your sink! and it's even cuter with a little stinker in it! hope all is well!!

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