Jul 24, 2008


Here's the new BabyStyle ad. Click here to see it on their website.


Anonymous said...

this is Leslie from babystyle - we LOVE Archer!!!! how cute is he! we also just got great shots from him from the Fall shoot. But more importantly, how cute is he out at the lake! see you soon!

Ms. C said...

OK, I may just have to buy baby clothes for people at random because Archer ... you are such a doll!
You are standing and walking? Your Grandpop Mark will tell you that your legs are like those of a great lineman. Tell him that Aunt Shan said scientists have those legs too. For the record...you Grandpa Mark has the legs of a very masculine chicken (El Pollo Loco...if you will. Thank goodness you got your Dad's legs (which come from some other side of the family. He aslo played in the sprinklers...but to the dismay of all in our neighborhood...seldom with clothing on. This is thankfull not a trend he continued into adluthood.
I get to see you soon and can't wait! I love you (and your folks too!)
Aunt Shan

Cathi Hamen said...

yeah and he is still going!!!!! i love it! congrats!

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