Jul 23, 2008

What do you like to do FIRST thing in the morning?

By any chance, run in the sprinklers?

Cooper and Archer went out on the back patio this morning to play. It happened to be the same time that the sprinklers were running. Before we knew it, Archer was out in the middle of them, laughing. It was so cute!


The Dorans said...

I just want to grab him and eat his cheeks!!!

Ms. C said...

When I get there this summe I will show you the sprinkler in the kitchen near the sink. It's kind of a little gun thing right next to the faucet. It is really fun. SO, you can have sprinkler fun when you can't go outside.
You are one funny little guy...keep your Mom and Dad laughing!
Love you,
Aunt Shan

Moncada Family said...

OMG!!! I love his little body!!! What a cutie!!! I miss him already!

Misty Sedehi said...

He looks like SUCH a big boy in the last pic. .. . sooooo adorable!

Anonymous said...

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