Sep 14, 2008

Archer, Oh, Archer...

The other day I wanted to get a picture of Archer's new shirt that my friend Magen sent to us. (Isn't it absolutely adorable?)Archer was watching Sesame Street at the time. I was on all sides of him saying Archer, oh, Archer, making funny noises, playing peek-a-boo all to get him to look at the camera. But that was not so...not when Sesame Street is on. I mean come on...who would you pick Mommy or Elmo? So, here are some pictures of my precious boy transfixed on Sesame Street.

***Just a sidenote... I ABSOULTELY LOVE Sesame Street. It has saved me many long days of cupcake making (when Mimi wasn't around to help). I don't feel as guilty because he's learning something, right?