Oct 3, 2008

This is What You Do...

the morning after you keep your mom up from 11pm to 3am for no reason.

...You find anywhere to rest...even on top of the powdered sugar bin.

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Ms. C said...

OK buddy, keeping Mom up late is not good form. She needs her beauty sleep so she can keep up with you the next day. So, here is the plan. I will have them put a phone in your room. If you cannot sleep you call yor grandparents. This will be even more fun since you cannot talk yet. So, just make noises. Grandparents LOVE this and they really love it after 11PM at night. 3AM they may get sleepy...but still call them...it is good for them to be up and thinking more. Do not simply call and breathe into the phone...you have an distant relative on the Cde Baca side that used to do that and now he lives with lots of other men in a place with lots of fencing.
Remember I love you and will give you valuable advice like this anytime. Be good to your Mom and Dad they can change your TV from Big Bird and Earnie to Lawrence Welk with the click of a button.
Love you,
Aunt Shan