Nov 23, 2009

Here's a Little Peek...

into life at our house.

This being the last few weeks of us as a family of three, I am trying to soak in every little bit of Archer that I can, trying to soak in the little things that so easily can be looked over during a busy day. These are some of the little things I've gotten to enjoy the past week.

Walking into the family room and seeing Archer watching a movie with his moose and big doggie, all under a blanket.

Archer walking in from the garage with an empty box on his head, thinking he is so funny that he can peek through the hole.

Being so interested in Daddy building a fire that he wanted his chair placed right in front of it. When I put it there, he said, "Perfect!"

Wanting to eat his dinner on the floor in his bedroom in front of "his" Christmas tree.

Tonight I went to pull back the covers so he could get into bed, and this is what I found... when cars are upside down at our house, they are "sleeping."

Try to notice the little'll put a smile on your face!