Nov 28, 2009

Me: " I going to have the baby today?..."

Nurse: "...Honey, you're going to have this baby before the sun comes up."

Boy, was this a surprise!

I went to bed on Monday night like usual, except my lower back was really hurting. I thought it was bothering me because I had gone on a walk that evening. When Cooper came to bed, he offered to give me a back massage to relieve the pain...well, that didn't happen! My water ended up breaking and contractions followed. I still was in denial that I could be in labor, so I tried to go back to bed. Finally at 3:30a, Cooper began to stir, so I woke him up and told him I hadn't been to sleep yet. I didn't notice that my "back pain" was coming and going in patterns. He insisted we call the doctor.

Long story, short... We called Mimi at 3:45a to come over and be with Archer when he woke up. Cooper and I checked into Saddleback Hospital at about 4:15am. They checked and I was already 6cm. By the time they got me to my room and had the anethesologist called I was 9cm. Everyone began to hurry because this little guy wasn't going to wait for anything.

At 6:09am on 11/24 (3 weeks early) Beau Timothy was brought into the world!