Nov 12, 2009

While Mom's Away...

the boys shall play.

While I was away for the weekend with a group of my girlfriends, Archer and Daddy got some fun "boy time" in. They went to Laguna Canyon and went hiking...looking for caves. Archer was in Heaven...not just because he got to "play" outside, but because he got to be with just Daddy!


kristi said... I know I think Archer totally looks like his mommy....BUT he totally looks like his daddy too!! (Like identical in the pic of the two of them.)

Ms. C said...

Archer, Hiking with your Dad is GREAT! You can keep him from getting lost. Be careful as your Grandpa tends to try to attract bears with Metamucil (ask him about that when you are is a great story). You look so cute. Wish I could be there hiking with both of you!