Mar 28, 2010

Big Plans...Interrupted.

Usually, when I go away for the weekend, Archer and Cooper have BIG plans.

They drive fun places...

and explore the beaches...

and all the cool places at the beach....


...or they find cool hikes...

and explore the caves...


But this time things were a bit different!!! There were no drives, no beaches, and no hikes...not this time.

Instead, Cooper took care of poor Archer. He has had a fever since Friday afternoon, reaching as high as 104.2 at times.

But, at least they were TOGETHER!


Misty Sedehi said...

He's got a great daddy to take care of him in the fun times and the not so fun times!! Get well quick, ARCH!!!

Anonymous said...

Pneumonia?? Luke had it too. It hit so fast. 104 fever for 4 days, no fun. Hope he is feeling better!


jenny said...

ok, the contrast of those pictures made me tear up...what sick little eyes:(

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