Apr 15, 2010

10 Things I Love About This Picture...

(from top to bottom)

1. How much hair they both have and they're both under 9 months. 
2. That they both have sweet button noses.
3. Avery's cheeks.
4. That they both are loving their pacifiers.
5. The drool on Avery's shirt. 
6. That they are holding hands with each other.
7. Avery's tummy.
8. The roll on both of their right thighs.
9. The fact that they are squeezed on the changing table pad together.
10. That they are cousins!!!


Ms. C said...

OK, I on occasion have drool on my onesie, I have a tummy, I have a cute litttle rool on my thighs, I have held hands with a cousin (only pre-7 years old), I could use a pacifier, my rosey cheeks are mostly rosacia, my button nose is a bit runny (seasonal alergies)and there is no changing table I would fit on by myself. Somehow all of that looks so much cuter on Beau.

kristi said...

So cute...one more thing! I love Minnie and Mickey Mouse peeking out from under Beau's onesie.

kristi said...

And that they are both staring right into the camera lens...so cute!

Misty Sedehi said...

Everytime I look at your blog and see these two cutie-pies, I have to smile!!! FRAME THIS!

Anonymous said...

now that's gotta make God smile. and giggle. ;)