May 1, 2010

Here's a Little Glimpse into the Last Couple Weeks..

We had our family over for dinner to celebrate my dad's soon-to-be new franchise Tommy Pastrami. He FINALLY got the permit to start building, so...we popped open some champagne.

Archer fed Beau for the first time. He did such a great job. Every once in a while he would lean over and kiss Beau on the head. Such a sweet boy to his little brother. 

We decided to see if Beau wanted to try some rice cereal...someone WASN'T IN THE MOOD!

Look who found their feet! I can't wait until he realizes he can put them in his mouth. 

Tonight, they took their first bath together. Archer loved gently pouring water on Beau's head, and Beau didn't seem to mind at all. What a good sport!