Mar 5, 2012

Hello Monday.

Hello playing Wii FIRST thing in the morning. 

Hello choosing what color pancakes to eat. 

Hello car rides to surprise places...

Hello friend's house for donuts in jammies. 

Hello little brother eating everybody's leftovers. 

Hello lunch date at home eating PB&J and playing Scrabble Junior. 

Hello celebrating at school chapel. 

Hello RUNNING back to come sit with ME... in front of everyone. 
Hello Mommy's melted heart. 

Hello treats for everyone.

Hello sugar high for preschool class. 

Hello dinner of choice at McDonald's.

Hello big boy scooter...a razor!

Hello glow sticks at bath time. 

Hello storytime with Daddy. 

Hello 5. Goodbye 4. 

I'm linking up with Lisa Leonard today for Hello Monday. 

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