Mar 4, 2012

Hiking Party... Party 2 - The Fun

The 2 year olds waiting for the guest to arrive...
eating at the Trail Mix Bar. 

Archer introducing his friends to each other.
This put a huge smile on my face. 
He wanted everyone to "know" each other. 

When the guests arrived they made their own trail mix
to take on the hike with them. 

Still making sure he had done all his introductions... my sweet boy!

Ranger Cooper getting the kids excited about the hike. 

Headed out on the trail...

Hmm... where do we go?

Searching for the treasure at "The Parachute Tree."


Let's go!!!

Occasionally we'd find one of these on the side of the trail. 

After the hike, we headed back to the picnic tables
for lunch and presents.
We had such a fun afternoon with friends.

Happy Birthday, Arch!

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Misty Sedehi said...

Oh man, looks like we missed a super fun party!!! You are such a wonderful and creative mamma, making fun memories for your boys! Happy 5th Birthday Arch!! The Sedehis love you too!!!!!