Mar 26, 2012

Hello Monday.

Hello things that get us through the week.

Hello hallway scooter riding. 

Hello biggest brother entertaining littlest brother. 

Hello Boppy pillow. You have so many uses. 

Hello sleeping aids. 
Hello sound machine and video monitor. 

Hello timed timers. 
Hello kids understanding how long something will take. 
Hello sparing me the question: "How much longer until..."

Hello world of little animals. 
Hello hours and hours of play EVERYDAY!

Hello daily mailbox trips. 

Hello Friday. The day to play Wii.

Hello Monday. I am ready to take you on.

What gets you through the week?

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Chaparral Country Club said...

The anticipation of seeing my grand babies!!! LOve, Mimi

Jeanne said...

Knowing that there's a bedtime to every end of the day (which helps me rest for the night, so I can get up and do it all over again).

Watching my favorite reality shows (which helps me escape into someone else's exciting life for an hour).

And good friends that call and talk about nothing in particular, just chat with me (which keeps me sane when all I see or talk to is my kids all week).

Thank you!

Amanda @ Raising Miss Mommy said...

Love this post! Where did you get that timed timer???