Mar 27, 2012

Snapshot of a Statement

 Have you ever stopped and thought about some of things you say on any given day? Have you ever sat quietly and really listened to your kids’ conversations in the car? Have you ever thought of taking a snapshot of a statement?

 Here's mine... 

"Mom, can I wear this helmet at dinner? Just in case, I I don't crack my head." (Archer - age5)

...sure. The dinner table is a very dangerous place. 

Now it's YOUR turn...
You can write a post on your own blog and link it back to Managing Marbles 
Leave your snapshot in the comments section of this post.

Can't wait to see what you and your little ones have been saying!

Come back EVERY TUESDAY for Snapshot of a Statement...

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kristi said...

Kelly said...

Kristi, that is awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Dad (helping Cassidy get ready for school): "Which shoes do you wear everyday to school?"

Cassidy: "I don't go to school EVERYday Dad!"

Katie (Mom, Mommy, Mama) said...

"Mom, I can't wear sisters pink helmet. Men don't wear pink, I'm a man and I can't wear pink". Alex...he's 5.

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Sleep-Deprived said...

Working through the days of the week...
Me: "What day comes after Tuesday?"
4YO: "THREESday!"

Erica said...

We were ordering dinner at Rubio's and Paige (3) says "I'll have a fish taco without the fish".

Kelly said...

I love all these quotes, ladies! Thanks for sharing. Definitely put a smile on my face. Kids really do say the greatest things!

Moncada Family said...

My 3 yr old burps and says "WOW, my mouth just tooted!"

Hannah Herman said...

Abby (2) wakes up from her nap and Daddy goes in to get her up.

She hold out her hands to him and says, "Daddy! Poop!"

Chris Willig said...

My 5 year old says to me while I'm driving home from the gym at about 10am one day...and we stop at a red light next to a police car..."oh gosh, it's the cops! Everybody act natural!". She takes after her father.

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