Apr 11, 2012


Cooper (aka. my husband) turns 35 TODAY!!!
So... to celebrate, I have created a list of 35 things I love about him...

1. what a good communicator he is
2. his contagious laugh

3. how much he loves road trips
4. how intentional he is when he disciplines the boys
5. his love for the Lord
6. how involved he is with our kids

7. how much fun we have together
8. what a great teacher he is
9. how much he truly loves his students
10. that he can play so many instruments
11. how strong he is
12. that he loves to camp

13. how supportive he is of me and blogging
14. how much he helped me design cupcakes
15. what a good cook he is
16. that he is always willing to say sorry
17. what a hard worker he is
18. he is such a good sport with all my party ideas
(Yes. HE was the robot that came to Archer's Robot Party)

19. that he is willing to watch the Bachelor/ette with me
20. how well he takes care of our vegetable garden
21. how funny he is
22. that he calls me when he's at work
23. that he doesn't mind being woken up early, even on Saturdays.

24. that he doesn't get frustrated when the house is a mess
25. his ability to read html code...dork. :)
26. how he turned me into a lover of country music
27. that he has so much fun with the boys

28. how patient he is with the boys... AND ME!
29. how he treats the football players that he coaches
30. that he doesn't get frustrated when I don't have a plan for dinner
31. that he's committed to me

32. he knows how to fight fair
33. he loves me more now than he did when we got married
34. that he takes the boys on "adventures"
35. that he is MINE! :)

Happy Birthday, Cooper!
I love you.


Anonymous said...

How cute is this?!! Love it!

cupsbykim said...

How sweet! Thanks for sharing!

Just Another Mummy Blog said...

Hi there!

I found your blog from Mom2Memphis, and just wanted to tell you that I am lovin' your blog! I'm your newest follower and hope you can drop by sometime to see my tiny blog :)

kristi said...

aw! happy birthday, coop!

Kelley @ TheGrantLife.com said...

What a cute list! Awww :)

Misty said...

that was so sweet! you are one lucky lady!!!! happy (belated) birthday COOPER!!!

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