Apr 17, 2012

Snapshot of a Statement

Have you ever stopped and thought about some of things you say on any given day? Have you ever sat quietly and really listened to your kids’ conversations in the car? Have you ever thought of taking a snapshot of a statement?

Here's mine...

Archer was "teaching" the 2 teenagers who live a couple houses down how to jump with their hands up (on their own trampoline)...yes, they are good sports. These were his directions...

"...you gotta jump with your hands up like your praising God."

Now it's YOUR turn...
Leave your snapshot in the comments section of this post.

Can't wait to see what you and your little ones have been saying!

Come back EVERY TUESDAY for Snapshot of a Statement...


kristi said...

so cute! the other morning...
max (3 years) said: "mom, look at this."
i look up choking back my laughter, because he has his wang hangin' out with a big smile on his face.
me: "oh, max. bud, you shouldn't be showing people that."
max (turning around): "okay then i'll show the t.v."
me: "no, you need to put it away."

bonbon said...

My two year old niece to me the other day, "I used to live in heaven with Heavenly Father but now I live here with YOU GUYS."

HA! You gotta wonder where they get it from. Crazy the personalities they already have, isn't it?

Just foudn your blog today- I love it and the blog design. The polka dots are adorable! Did you do it yourself?

new follower :)

Mrs. Priester said...

"Mom, were you ever 'hot-hot-hot'? Because now you're really 'not-not-not'!" I guess I've really let myself go!

Big Apple Mami said...

Found you through the blog hop! Your newest GFC follower! :)
My little guy told me the other day that it was going to be an awesome day! :) LOVE the things that come out of their mouths! So sweet!

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