Jul 19, 2012

Oxpeckers. Jupiter. Peregrin Falcons. Technology.

I love Archer's desire to learn. Not only does he learn it... he remembers it!

Believe it or not, TV has been a big part of this. Starting with Sesame Street. Moving to The Little Einsteins, Yo Gabba Gabba...Then to The Wild Kratts and Bubble Guppies. {Just to name a few}

{Don't worry... we do other things too...}

Because of his love of learning AND his love of TV, many conversations are like this...

"Mommy, did you know that a peregrin falcon can...?"
{I don't even know what a peregrin falcon is, honey.}

"Do you know what the bird that sits on a hippos is called?
{No, I don't.}
"It's called an oxpecker! Isn't that funny?"

"Hey, Mom, what does gassy mean? Because Jupiter is the gassiest planet."
{Funny conversation ensued.}

This desire to learn is awesome! Don't get me wrong. But to be honest, totally honest... sometimes it's really annoying.

Here's why.

This is how our conversation went yesterday...

Mom, did you know that technology means very dangerous.
Actually, technology is things like computers... {I know I could've given a better definition...anyway.}
No, it has 2 meanings and one is very dangerous.
Really? I think you may have heard a word wrong.
No, Mom! Some animals are dangerous and they are technology.


{Now he is following me around the house while I am packing up to head to the beach.}

Lions are very big technology. Electric eels have technology that's electric. Bats are technology because they can squirt blood at you. Those technologies can kill you. They can make you dead....all the technologies.  I love a kind of technology. It's the King of the Jungle. Do you know what it is? It starts with an Llllllllllllll. {Mind you, this was all said in one breath...}
Cool, Arch.

...hours later at the beach after I told him to be careful b/c the waves were really big today, he enthusiastically turned to me and said...

Hey, Mom, even waves are technology. Really! They are!
Ooooohhh, cool, bud!

Clearly, he heard something wrong, but he is CONVINCED that he is right! He won't even entertain the thought that he could be wrong. Is it cute ...kindof, but it can be very annoying too.

What do you do?
Do you correct your kids when they insist on being right even when they're not?
Or do you let them continue on being "cute?"

***A Hippo Brigade Inspired Post.


kristi said...

i heard t.v. can rot your brain...now that's technology. ;)

well at least he's consistent on the meaning. cute.

Jill said...

carpooling home from preschool (long, long ago) after "Stranger Danger" day, I overheard the kids reviewing that the Octopus is a stranger, and they promised to stay away from the octopus if they saw him, so they would be safe. They showed me their coloring page of the octopus, so I would know what he looks like and stay away, too.

Could the "beware of the Danger of Technology" talk have gone a similar way in Archer's education?

Sarah Mutscheller said...

I am so glad other people have this issue. my three year gets convinced of things that are wrong and i can't correct them. For example, orange juice is still "lemonade" in our house. I have given up.

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